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How to make matcha latte

Matcha is a green tea originating from Japan, where specially grown sencha leaves are ground to a powder, resulting in a product that needs to be prepared in a different way to all other teas. It can be prepared with hot water to create a typical 'tea', but our favourite way to drink is with hot milk (or a non-dairy alternative) for a luxurious latte. Create this easy to make drink following our easy to use guide below.

Step 1

Add one teaspoon of matcha tea (approx 2g) to a cup or small bowl.  

Step 2

Add a couple of splashes of warm water - we recommend a splash or cold from the tap and a splash from the kettle.

Step 3

Grab your matcha whisk and use it to stir the water and matcha together, in a 'W' motion. If you don't have a whisk you can try using a regular fork (but a whisk will give you best results). You should end up with a smooth paste - make sure there are no lumpy bits.

Step 4

Once you have a smooth paste it's time to add the hot milk.  If you have a cafetiere lying around, add the milk and use the plunger in a pumping motion to gently froth up the milk. This will add air to the hot milk and give you a cafe style latte.

Step 6


Sit back and enjoy!

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