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Our Mission

East London Tea Company's Mission is to Get People Drinking Quality Teas That Are Great for Their Health and The Planet.

Our mission is to get people drinking better quality teas that are great for their health and good for the planet.


We believe the natural power of tea and our herbal infusions can have a positive effect on health. We're committed to educating customers and sharing information that encourages healthy & balanced lifestyles.


We're a young company, but wise enough to understand what impact we have on the planet. We're committed to sourcing our products and packaging in more sustainable ways.


We're committed to putting 1% of our profits towards the good causes that support the farmers and communities from whom our teas are sourced.


Drinking tea should be an experience, not a task! There is a world of flavour to be discovered and we're thrilled to be working with world-class chefs and bartenders to develop new blends and inspiring recipes for our customers to enjoy.

We're proud to work with some of East London's best design talent to bring sleek and original packaging and teaware design, aiming to reach a young & affluent audience.

Celebrating craftmanship

We’ve always found community and human connection in the simple act of sharing a great brew. The people and communities that grow tea are as diverse as the flavours in the cup and have an ancient connection to the land. We're committed to sharing their stories and believe that through educating our customers it creates awareness that helps safeguard the land and livelihoods.

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