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Our Story

East London Tea Company is a British Design-Led Tea Brand Founded by Brothers James Penn and Jon Penn.


East London Tea Co. is a British design-led tea brand founded by brothers James Penn and Jon Penn. The history of tea in the UK begins in East London...

The first cup of tea in London was served by Thomas Garway, at his coffee house in East London, Exchange Alley, roughly in 1668. Here's what he had to say about his new tea drink in a broadsheet advertisement:

“The Quality is moderately hot, proper for Winter or Summer.
“The Drink is declared to be most wholesome, preserving in perfect health until extreme Old Age.
“The particular Vertues are these.
It maketh the Body clean and lusty.
It helpeth the Head-ach, giddiness and heaviness thereof.
It removeth the Obstructions of the Spleen..."
We couldn't agree more! Tea taste has improved since 1668 and we're on a mission to get the world drinking quality teas that are good for people's health and the planet.

Having spent the last ten years running companies in the hospitality & retail sectors we've learned a thing or two about what customers want and how to create products and services that keep customers coming back.

We've poured everything we know about delivering an outstanding service into East London Tea Company and we can't wait for you to join us on the journey.

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