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How to brew black tea

Whether you like it with milk or without, a perfectly brewed cuppa of black tea will always hit the spot.

Step 1

Loose leaf or tea bags?  We always recommend using loose-leaf teas over tea-bags, and brewed using a large teapot or infuser. This allows the leaves more room to move around and let go of its precious flavours.

Step 2

Add one teaspoon of tea (approx 2g) for each cup.  If you prefer a stronger brew, add a little extra tea (instead of brewing for longer) as you’ll get more punch without over-brewing.

Step 3

Boil fresh, filtered water.  There’s always a temptation to re-boil water that has been sat in the kettle, but pour this away and use fresh water from the tap or filtered water.  Oxygen in the water helps to bring out the flavour of the tea, but boiling the water several times removes the oxygen and you get a flat tasting tea.  If like us, you live in a hard-water area try to use filtered water for a smoother taste to the tea (your kettle will also thank you!).

Step 4

Boil the water. Most black teas are brewed with just boiled water, but check the brewing instructions as some more delicate teas, like our Second Flush Darjeeling, are best brewed with a slightly cooler water at 85C.  

Step 5

Let it sit.  Black tea typically brews best for 3-5 minutes. Stirring the water can help the leaves infuse more quickly. Try not to let the tea brew beyond 5 minutes as the tea will take on a more astringent and less overall balanced taste.

Step 6

Remove the leaves.

Step 7

If you like your tea with milk then add a splash as desired. We recommend breakfast teas or our Assam for the best tea with milk brews as the teas offer a full-bodied taste. If you like your black teas without milk then try a more delicate tea like our Darjeeling Second Flush.

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